Discoveries owned by BioMmune will provide new therapeutic drug candidates for harnessing the
immune system to recognize and destroy cancerous tissues and infectious agents.


Our Research Programs

Restoration of Immunosurveillance

Cancer cells escape immune-recognition mechanisms. In many cancers, Major Histocompatibility Complex I (MHC I) molecules and the endogenous Antigen Processing Pathway (APP) leading to MHC I expression are down-regulated, leading to escape from immunological control…

Ca Channel Blockers

BioMmune aims to identify new calcium channel regulators (blockers) which activate the immune system to combat cancers, infections and autoimmune diseases. Activities of these channels regulate the concentration of calcium (Ca) in cells resulting ultimately in the regulation of the activity of cells involved in the immune system…

Developing Better Vaccines

This technology is based on the discovery that CD74 mediates trafficking of MHC I from the endoplasmic reticulum of dendritic cells to endolysosomal compartments for loading with exogenous peptides, critical for antigen processing and establishment of effective immunity…

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